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Tuesday, October 03, 2006
  The bloke upstairs is a twat
We had a new security light put up recently, with Vic the bloke upstairs and I splitting the cost (on the cheap because Vic refused to pay for new cable, so we had to use the cable from the old light, which meant that the new light couldn't go where Vic wanted it).

Well he's moved the sensor so the light doesn't come on when you approach the building, but it comes on when you leave (although we already have a porch light that comes on when you step out of the door).

He knocked the other day when I was jetlagged and said "it's not working properly" but I was too zonked to speak. So I put a note through his door yesterday saying "it's not working because the sensor's been moved, if you want it to come on as you approach the building, the sensor needs to point that way. I can't reach it, but I would like it put back the way it was when it was installed."

Anyway, I spoke to him earlier today , and he said yes, he did move the sensor because he wanted the light to come on as soon as you step out. He knows that, by doing that, it doesn't come on as you approach. I said well I want it to come on as I approach, otherwise there's no point in having it.

After him trying to argue the point, I said, ok, well, what I'll do then is switch it off inside (he was surprised I have an indoor switch for it, but it's on my meter, so I made sure I had it switched) and then you can install from your own electricity supply and at your own expense whatever it is you think you need. So then he agreed to move the sensor back to its original forward position pointing towards the close, but he still kept going on and on about the 10ft stretch from the front door up to where the forward-facing sensor kicks in and the lamp comes on.

I said I couldn't see a problem, you're not exactly going to get an intruder hiding along there. Finally he admitted the reason he wants that stretch to be lit instantly is that he is scared of snails.

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