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Thursday, February 16, 2006
  I love looking in people's houses
I've been walking to and from the station on the days I'm in the office. It's a mile each way, up and down hills, beautifully peaceful early in the morning.

On the way home I look into people's houses. One road I go down has a row of Victorian villas, nice solid houses with high ceilings. Net curtains are very unstylish, so it's easy to see into the houses when the lights are on.

Two houses intrigue me. They're next door to one another. The first has this massive plasma screen TV mounted on the wall. The room can't be more than 14ft or 15ft wide, so it must be like sitting on the front row of the Odeon. Every time I go past, the TV is on, and it's always cartoons.

The house next door has shelves from floor to ceiling filled with books, CDs and a stereo system. There's a comfortable-looking chair by the window, and a small TV in the corner.

No prizes for guessing which house I prefer.
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