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Monday, February 27, 2006
  Sisters, sisters, there were never such [insert word here] sisters ...
Families! I got into it with Lesley (sister) tonight.

We have an aunt, our mum's oldest sister, the only one of the three sisters left. She's 90 next month. She lives up in Manchester. Last year my cousin organised a big party for her, and I travelled up to Manchester for it. Lesley didn't go. All Auntie Nell wanted to know was 'Where's Lesley? Is Lesley here? Isn't Lesley coming?' - never mind that I'd travelled 250 miles, all she wanted was to see Lesley (who never, ever phones her or keeps in touch with her or with any of that side of the family). She's not seen Lesley since my 40th birthday party when everyone came down to Essex. Lesley is 50 miles away from Manchester but can't be arsed to make the trip. She's always been more interested and involved with the family of whichever man she's married to than her own relatives.

Anyway, Auntie's birthday is on 25 March and that's when Diane's over. So I said to Lesley tonight if I could ask her a favour. I said that I expect Bryce (cousin) will be arranging a celebration for her 90th, and because I've got someone staying, I won't be able to go to Manchester that weekend (although I will try and make it soon after). So could Lesley please, please try to go, even if she and Andy just drive up there and stay for a couple of hours and then come back. She said she doesn't think so. I said that Auntie really wants to see her, and that she'll be 90, there won't be many more chances to see her. So then I was accused of preaching, whatever the hell that means. (I suspect it means her hearing something she doesn't want to).

The call ended on bad terms, I doubt very much if she'll make the effort to go, and I know when I go up to see Auntie all I'll hear from her is 'Where's Lesley? How's Lesley? Is Lesley coming?' because she's always been (and always will be) the blue-eyed girl who can do no wrong.

But I've made a decision that I will not give Lesley any more information about Auntie, about her health, what she and her son and grandchildren are up to, nothing. If she wants to know, she can pick up the phone and call her.
Will trade your sister for mine!
We could do a test run for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

Actually, at first I thought you and I had the same sister!!!!! But my sis has brown eyes. Other characteristics are pretty close. Warning: Be prepared, she treats her sister as a mental incompetent.
Brothers are just as bad! Everytime I came home to visit during college,"how is your brother, have you heard from him?" I just wanted to scream "I am here, who cares about him, ask about me!"

Now we are 43 and 4o and the same thing happens or worse!

Last Saturday my bro was home (from out of state) with his family for a family reunion. Mom and dad being split up, we had to visit mom while in town. My mom called my house before we made our 5 hr round trip to ask what time my husband and I were coming to see her. I told her the time and how long we would be able to visit. She then added something to the point of "good, you will be gone before your brother gets here and we go out to dinner. She then added, I guess you guys could go to dinner with us!" Too late mom!

We ended up getting a late start and had to make a cut in our schedule. Guess where we didn't go!
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