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Thursday, April 13, 2006
  My nasty neighbour
So, yet again, for probably the sixth time in a year, I was woken in the early hours by a woman screaming in the flat upstairs, which is occupied by Vic, a charmless, no-neck ignoramus. This time the woman was yelling "Let me leave, I want to go!", followed shortly afterwards by her screaming that he was hurting her. Then she left, noisily, and yelled up at his flat "How dare you fucking beat me up!" Twice. (I mean she said it twice, not that he beat her up twice, although I wouldn't rule that possibility out completely.) She left, I didn't hear a car start, nor did he follow her out to take her anywhere. The yelling up at his place seemed to be more for effect than anything. Just what I needed at 4 am.

These don't appear to be women he's in a relationship with, by which I mean that he's obviously sleeping with them, but they don't seem to be boyfriend/girlfriend, so I suspect it's more of a business transaction. The women who visit him are all much younger than him, under 25 (he's probably late 50s) and kind of trashy looking, uneducated (from hearing them speak) and without their own vehicles.

It worries me.

Where do I draw the line between minding my own business and raising my concerns? Do I wait until someone's really seriously hurt?

Fine line stuff here which I am considering crossing.

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