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Tuesday, March 31, 2009
  Worst. Snack. Ever.
My boss has been away to Thailand and, as is customary in an office, when someone comes back from their holiday they usually bring an edible treat with them. Well, oh what a treat (says she, heavy with sarcasm).

Although the packet says "Delicious and Good Taste", I can assure you that this is a misrepresentation of the highest degree.

I always read the label before I eat anything, but, despite the fact that it's all natural ingredients, I am still not tempted.

I forced my team-mate, Jeff, to hold one for a close-up, and he almost barfed just getting it out of the bag. He then claimed to have the stink of it on him all day.

So, managers, please take note. When you go on holiday, we want chocolates from abroad. Not chocolate covered bugs. Just nice chocolates. Or cookies, made with butter, sugar and flour, no critters please.

In other news, our team apparently won some contest that none of knew anything about to close a certain number of cases, and we were all given £25 in John Lewis vouchers. Yay.

Also, my cheapo Aldi camera is a piece of junk. I think my lovely Panasonic FZ has spoiled me. I know there's a difference between taking pictures and snapshots, but the options in the Aldi camera are too limited and the picture quality is not great. It also behaves weirdly, and keeps switching itself on when you want it off, and off when you want it on. I'm giving it to my sister for her birthday. She'll be thrilled with it, as she has no experience of digital cameras, and she'll be happy with the functions it performs.
Yuck they didn't even look like something you should put in your mouth.
First food poisoning, now this!

Some people can blog about food. You.... not so much.

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